• FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Little Bot and Sparrow website is LIVE. Go check it out at littlebotandsparrow.com and pre-order the book now!

    It’s coming September 27th and already getting great reviews. I’m pretty dang excited for this book to be in your hands.

  • Getting excited for Inktober in a few months!

    This year, I’ve partnered with artsnacks.co to bring you the Limited Edition Artsnacks Inktober Collection!

    Pre-order now and you’ll get a box with 7 full-size inky Art Supplies curated by myself for the complete Inktober experience.

    It comes with an exclusive Inktober sketchbook too!

    Shipped to your door in September so you’ll have your Inktober supplies ready for the challenge.

    Go to http://www.artsnacks.co/inktober for more info and pre-order your box.

  • This is a practical approach to drawing animals for illustrators, character designers, storyboard artists, and any one who has no idea how to draw a freaking horse. (They’re not as hard to draw as you think)

    Drawing Animals: Mammal Edition was one of my favorite classes to teach recently. Check it out at SVSlearn.com

  • Hellboy!

    I read the final issue last night and had to do a piece in honor of the red guy. I bought the first issue when it came out back in 1994 and was immediately transported to that inky black world. Been a fan ever since.

    Check snapchat while its up to see me draw this: mrjakeparker

    This original is available in my shop:


  • Earthworm Jim sketches and final drawing. These were my warm ups for today in a new sketchbook I started last week.

    This sketchbook is going to be all about exploration and staying loose. My last sketchbook had so many tight finished drawings in it I started feeling silly when I called it a “sketchbook.”

    Earthworm Jim was arguably the most creative video game character of the 90’s. Original EWJ design by @dougtennapel one of the great creative minds of our time.

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