Online Classes

Get access to ALL these classes for $15 a month.

Or buy them individually. Priced as marked.

I left the animation industry in 2010 to pursue personal projects and to teach. Teaching helped me to organize all of the art knowledge I had gained over the previous 11 years in my professional career and distil it down to core principles and techniques. I now pass this information on through an online art school called The Society of Visual Storytelling (SVS). The classes are an affordable supplement to art school.

While I'm involved in all of the lectures at the school here's a list of classes I wrote and taught:

Drawing Animals: Mammal Edition - $20

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

How To Ink - $25

Total Class Time: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

Drawing Comics - $100

Total Class Time: 6 Hours

Posing Characters - $30

Total Class Time: 3 Hours

Drawing Villains and Monsters - $40

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

Drawing Heroes and Sidekicks - $40

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

Drawing Robots and Machinery - $40

Total Class Time: 2.5 Hours

How To Draw Everything - $50

Total Class Time: 4.5 Hours

Light and Shadow - $30

Total Class Time: 2 Hours

Mastering Perspective - $75

Total Class Time: 4 Hours

Creative Environment Design - $100

Total Class Time: 10 Hours